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Why Novalicious choose Russian Hair:

Due to the natural thickness, softness and glossy appearance of Russian hair, it is widely considered to be the "crème de la crème" of hair extensions by both extension gurus and celebrities. Not only does it blend more seamlessly with your own hair, but it has an incredible life span of 2 years with the correct care.

Russian hair is the softest and finest hair available so it does not require silicone or harsh chemicals to hide a naturally coarse texture. Why cover up perfection, ladies? Hair that is covered in silicone can feel great initially, but once the silicone wears off, the hair becomes dry, thin and tangled. The old adage, what you see is what you get, remains true with Russian hair.
Russian hair is naturally and organically fabulous which is why it requires no silicone disguise. Best of all, Russian hair continues to look amazing, wash after wash, allowing it to last for years versus months. For these reasons, Novalicious only supplies Russian hair to Top salons.

Novalicious offers a wide range of hair extensions methods:

♡ Keratin bonds
♡ Weft Hair Extensions
♡ Clip on Hair Extensions
♡ Tape In Hair Extensions
♡ Wigs
♡ Ponytails

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